Middle East Position Report

Civic Caucus

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DATE: 11-30-06
FROM: Civic Caucus
TO: President George W. Bush
SUBJECT: An Imperative In The War Against Terrorism

Our nation and much of the world is looking to the forthcoming report of the Baker/Hamilton commission to recommend a way out of the present morass in Iraq. Never before in their significant careers has such responsibility been placed on any bipartisan commission. The Civic Caucus in Minnesota is likewise looking to their report for constructive proposed solutions.

However, we recognize that the scope of the commission's assignment involves Iraq only. But in reaching any longer term solution to the Iraq issue we must recognize and deal with one essential fact above all others. The Islamic distrust and hatred for the United States has intensified to the point where it must be dealt with if any successful long term solution is to be found.

In order to begin to reverse this degree of distrust and hatred, we must solve the Palestine/Israel controversy in a way that assures the Palestinians their own territory, protects their borders, and rebuilds their economy. The Islamists see the U.S. as in lockstep support of whatever Israel wants and does. This is a fatal defect to any lasting peaceful solution in Iraq, or for that matter, for any area of the middle east.

The Civic Caucus communicated a report with specific recommendations that deal with this fundamental issue back in 2003. We made recommendations in that report that are equally sound and urgently needed today. Nothing in this report is outdated.

We strongly urge you to reflect on the conclusions and recommendations we made in that report and to seize the moment by providing, controversial but essential leadership in resolving the Palestine issue in ways proposed by our report. The leading nation in the world must lead, and you can do it.

We wish you the very best. We are so dependent upon your next stage decisions. Your legacy and the world depend on your leadership and politics must be set aside.

If we can be of any additional assistance, please let us know.
Our 2003 report is printed below:

For the Civic Caucus,
Verne Johnson, Chair

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