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Position Reports are issued by the Civic Caucus from time to time after considerable input through interviews by past and current Minnesota political figures and other thought leaders, as well as responses from a large group of citizens who read the interviews and offer feedback.

The various Position Reports below were then crafted by the Civic Caucus Core Group, taking into account all of the information gathered on these specific topics.  Click on each link to read the full report.


 2017 - Amicus Brief in MN State Auditor's Supreme Court Case

 2016 - Public-Policy Report - Looking Back, Thinking Ahead

 2015 - Statewide Crusade for High Quality Workforce in MN

 2014 - Human Capital: Minnesota's Strength and Challenge

2011- Final Statement to Governor & Legislature

 2011- Redesign of Public Services, Updated

 2010- Legislative Process for 2011

 2009- Redesign of Public Services

 2009- Transportation

 2008- Outdoors-Water-Arts Funding

 2008- Voter Referendum November

 2008- Judicial Selection




 2008- Legislative Redistricting

 2007- Polling

 2007- Constitutional Amendments

 2006- Transportation Constitutional Amendment

 2006- Middle East

2005- America's Political Process

 2004- Transportation

 2004- Metro Council

 2003- Middle East

 2003- Transportation

The Civic Caucus   is a non-partisan, tax-exempt educational organization.   The Interview Group  includes persons of varying political persuasions,
reflecting years of leadership in politics and business. Click here  to see a short personal background of each.

  John S. Adams,  David Broden,  Audrey Clay,  Janis Clay (executive director),  Pat Davies,  Paul Gilje, Dwight Johnson,  Randy Johnson,  Sallie Kemper,  Ted Kolderie,
 Dan Loritz,  Tim McDonald,  Bruce Mooty,  Jim Olson,  Paul Ostrow (chair),  Wayne Popham,  Dana Schroeder,  Clarence Shallbetter,  and Fred Zimmerman

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