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 Response Page - Steve Simon  Interview -  Primary Elections, & Election of Judges   

These comments are responses to the questions listed below,
which were generated in regard to the 
Steve Simon  Interview of 06-27-08.

The questions:

_7.8 average___
On a scale of (0) strong disagreement, to (5) neutral, to (10) strong agreement, should the Legislature impose limits on amounts that individuals may contribute to election campaigns for judges?

_6.8 average___ On a scale of (0) strong disagreement, to (5) neutral, to (10) strong agreement, should the state primary election occur earlier than September?

Glenn S. Dorfman (0) (5)

Al Quie (0) (10)

Scott Halstead (10) (5)

It doesn't matter the year or the legislators, they have not properly dealt with issues and especially those that impact them. It is very frustrating with various non-partisan organizations research the issues and prepare excellent proposed legislation and all we hear is excuses.

Chuck Slocum (5) (10)

No objection to reasonable limits but believe that disclosure of every contribution in a timely manner is even more important.

Essential element to reforming of the political process, allowing parties and their candidates to work together more smoothly with a June primary, addressing the publicís interests through a more timely campaign calendar.

Connie Morrison (5) (9)

Gordon Jacobson (10) (5)

David Alden (10) (10)

Alan Miller (8) (10)

We've got to keep the judiciary out of the political arena. Appointment perhaps, plus a period of review, etc., ala the Quie recommendations.

Wayne Jennings (8) (4)

Donald H. Anderson (10) (5)

Dan Loritz (10) (7)

John Adams (9) (3)

Newell Searle (10) (5)

Carolyn Ring (10) (10)

I strongly agree with the Quie commission's recommendations for electing judges and also think all contributions to judges races should be disclosed. I was amazed at the Supreme Court ruling on partisan endorsement of judges. Changing MN primary from June to Sept. has been recommended by bi-partisan committees since 1970, as far as I know and maybe before that. I served on such committees in 1970 and 1976, but the change always hits a snag in the Legislature because the legislators don't think it gives them enough time to campaign. We go to Florida in the winter and Florida, like Cal. literally legislates by amendments that often dictate change, but neglect to provide for funding. Legislators are elected to determine the laws and legislating by amendments to the constitution should not be an easy recourse to avoid a decision.

Ellen Brown (10) (1)

Joe Mansky (4) (10)

If a June primary is not seen as politically feasible by the Legislature, they might want to consider an early August primary as an alternative. There are now seven states with an August primary, including states like Michigan, Colorado and Washington that are similar to us.

Bob White (10) (6)

Clarence Shallbetter (9) (9)

Pam Ellison (10) (0)

Vici Oshiro (10) (10)

Robert A. Freeman (10) (7)

Bright Dornblaser (10) (8)

Lyall Schwarzkopf (2) (8)

Larry Schluter (9) (8)

Ray Ayotte (10) (5)

Bob Brown (10) (10)

David Broden (5) (0)

The September time frame is more than adequate for many reasons. The candidate dialogues begin far earlier and the debates and party processes are useful thru the mid summer time frame. A September time frame allows the focus on the subject without extended and repeated election conflicts and other comments.

Charles Lutz (5) (10)



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