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These comments are responses to the Civic Caucus interview with

Minnesota State Representative Tina Liebling

October 27, 2017

Provide two free years of public higher education,
move to single-payer health care system,
increase funding for transit


Minnesota gubernatorial candidate and State Rep. Tina Liebling (DFL-Rochester) makes the following proposals to keep Minnesota competitive as a state:

  • In higher education, provide students with two tuition-free years of postsecondary education, whether in college or technical school. 
  • In transportation, raise the gas tax and increase funding for transit. 
  • In E-12 education, provide more support to families and to the youngest children, perhaps by using home-visiting programs. 
  • On the state's public policymaking process, start a Minnesota Institute of Policy Development, tasked with thinking ahead for the state. And hold legislative leaders responsible for enforcing the state Constitutional requirement that legislative bills be restricted to a single subject. 
  • In health and human services, move to a single-payer health care system. 
  • On the workforce, work harder to help people who might need more support--such as new immigrants or people with felonies on their records--become productive members of the workforce. And offer incentives to people to go to places they might not ordinarily go, such as a rural area that has a hard time attracting workers, or to try out types of work they wouldn't ordinarily try.

For the complete interview summary see: Tina Liebling interview

Individual Responses:

Phil Kinnunen

Excellent interview, if the remaining candidates are as honest in their replies, it will be an easy choice at the voting booth.

Scott Halstead

Comment: Our total health care system is out of whack and it certainly isnít getting any better with the Theatre in Washington. Iím not sure how Minnesota leads the way to Single Payer without major political changes.


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