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The Civic Caucus works closely with the Citizens League.

The Citizens League builds civic capacity in Minnesota by:
Identifying, framing and proposing solutions to public policy problems;
Developing new generations of civic leaders who govern for the common good; and
Organizing the individual and institutional relationships necessary to achieve these goals.

The Citizens League has a distinguished record extending over 50 years. It has undertaken special efforts to bring new voices into policy making who have a great deal of capacity and interest in public affairs. The Civic Caucus has been made up primarily of persons with long-term experience or involvement with government and public affairs including participation in the Citizens League from its inception.

Several core participants in the Civic Caucus are former Citizens League presidents, including Verne Johnson,  Charles Clay,  James Hetland, Jr.,  John Mooty,  Wayne Popham  and John Rollwagen. Former Citizens League staffers Clarence Shallbetter and Paul Gilje serve on the Civic Caucus core. Bill Frenzel, a former member of Congress, also is a core participant.

In the fall of 2007 the Citizens League and the Civic Caucus began exploring how the two organizations might work together most effectively. Both are based in Minnesota and the Twin Cities metropolitan area; both are non-partisan, committed to education on public policy questions and to seeking innovative solutions to those questions.

The two organizations now exchange membership lists and are working on other cooperative efforts, including the possibility of cooperating on public issues of mutual interest.



The Civic Caucus   is a non-partisan, tax-exempt educational organization.   The Interview Group  includes persons of varying political persuasions,
reflecting years of leadership in politics and business. Click here  to see a short personal background of each.

  John S. Adams,  David Broden,  Audrey Clay,  Janis Clay (executive director),  Pat Davies,  Paul Gilje, Dwight Johnson,  Randy Johnson,  Sallie Kemper,  Ted Kolderie,
 Dan Loritz,  Tim McDonald,  Bruce Mooty,  Jim Olson,  Paul Ostrow (chair),  Wayne Popham,  Dana Schroeder,  Clarence Shallbetter,  and Fred Zimmerman

The Civic Caucus, 01/01/2008
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